All-in-one Traceability

Track & trace batches, conduct quality controls and
re-call products, all from one system

All in one traceability system

Step 1

Manage templates

A single source of truth for all
your products

Create products and add manuals, pictures and comments to ensure product information is  always up to date

Manage product recipes

Step 2


Ensure that products are produced correctly

Make recipes and link associated ingredients and checklists with QR codes, to ensure that products are produced correctly every time by anyone

Track and trace production batches

Step 3

Plan & Schedule

Get a full overview your production

Plan and schedule productions, identify bottlenecks and see
where things go wrong

Plan & schedule productions

Step 4

Track &

Make it easy to document correctly

Scan products throughout their lifecycle and link ingredients
(batch /lot numbers).
Everything done directly from
your phone or tablet

All in one traceability system

Step 5


Identify who has done what and when

Get a full history of everything that has been done including product inspections, comments etc.

Customise product workflow

Step 6

Trace back

Re-call products from Flows

See which ingredients have been used in different batches, identify root causes, and recall related products. Everything done from directly from Flows' traceability system

Identify ingredients and recall products

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in action

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